The Lord is truly Risen, alleluia, alleluia!

Hope springs eternal in the human breast.  So goes the old proverb. But, it is true really, isn’t it? Without something to give us hope, without something to brighten up our days, life would be sheer darkness and drudgery.

This is what Easter means. This is really what Easter is about. He is the cause of our joy. Jesus, in the giving of his life on the cross and his resurrection which followed, has literally thrown open the gates of heaven for all of us.

The days seem longer, the sun appears to shine more, and new life is sprouting all around us. God is good and he is very near. No matter what your heart feels. No matter what the hurt is, the pain and darkness, may the Lord himself fill your heart with the light of his peace. May he be the reason for you to hope and may he brighten all your days.  As St Augustine said “Restless are our hearts until they rest in you”. May you truly find that fulfilling rest in the Risen Lord.

On behalf of Fr. Ben and myself, Happy Easter!.