Dear Parishioners,

When I wrote the Easter message last year little did I think that many of the topics I mentioned would still be making headlines. Covid is still with us and we still have to take precautions. Our world continues to follow the war in Ukraine, and we are all feeling the economic knock on effects of this war. While things are returning to the way they were pre-Covid, changes are also happening.

Each Friday the parish is delighted to be able to welcome the different classes from Scoil Niocláis at the morning Mass. The extended family and friends can once more celebrate with the children as they receive the sacraments during the school year. The parish community along with the school community are looking forward to welcoming Bishop Fintan for the celebration of Confirmation after Easter.

Ongoing change is happening in parishes across the diocese with the establishment of the Family of Parishes by the bishop. This summer our parish of Frankfield/Grange together with Turners Cross and Douglas/Rochestown will become a Family of Parishes. This new structure will see a team of priests with a moderator and co-parish priests working together. Each priest will be appointed as a co-parish priest to minister across all the parishes in the Family of Parishes. The formation of this Family of Parishes will bring a certain amount of change; these will be worked out in the Family of Parishes by all collaborating together.

Easter brought about change in the world with its message of joy and hope. It is this same joy and hope that we have to share with the world today in a new way.

I once more take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing generous support. The Easter Dues can be returned in the provided envelope, or online by clicking on the donate button on the parish website and selecting the option for Priest’s Income collection.

I look forward to welcoming you all to the celebration of the Holy Week Ceremonies and Easter. I wish you and all your loved ones all the joy and peace of this special season.

Fr Kevin