A Message from the Parish Finance Committee

Tax Efficient Donations
Our envelope collection system continues this year despite the current closure. Boxes are available for collection tomorrow, Monday 22nd February, between 10.30 and 12.30 in the parish office – located behind the church. If you are unable to collect at this time, please contact the parish office by email frankfieldgrange@gmail.com as we will be arranging a second collection date.
We can also email you the application form, for you to complete and return, and allocate you a box number which you can use when making your donations online, or if dropping off a donation to the Presbytery and you can pick your box up at a later date.
When a parishioner makes a donation of over €250 a year to the Offertory and Second collections the parish can reclaim an additional 33% on this donation from the revenue once the parishioner has paid tax in the current tax year.
If you already have a box number from a prior year, you can continue to use that number on any donations made online or dropped into the Presbytery, and collect your box at a later stage when the church reopens for masses.
As you can appreciate while the Church is currently closed to the public for Masses, the expenses continue to come in for overheads for the church and the parish hall.
We very much need, and would be very grateful for your ongoing financial support.
Thank you,
The Parish Finance Committee

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