Happy New Year Message

When I wrote my New Year’s message this time last year, it was all about moving forward as a parish community and looking to the future. 2020 became a year of putting everything on hold and minding ourselves and others. We go into 2021 with level 5 restrictions for the first month at least. There is also good news. The roll out of the vaccination programme against Covid 19 brings us hope that in a few months restrictions and social distancing will be something we can put behind us.

We can look forward to getting parish activities back up and running again. A new parish assembly has to be put in place. There will have to be an outreach programme so people can reconnect once more with the parish community, and find a warm welcome back into parish life.

Our desire, hope and prayer is for a better 2021. We look forward with hope and look back with gratitude despite difficulties. We know God will be there with us helping and supporting us no matter what we encounter during the coming year.

I wish you all God’s blessing for the New Year, and may it be a happy and peaceful year for you and all your families.

Fr Kevin

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