Remembering Our Dead

The month of November is a special time in which we remember our deceased loved ones in a special way. People write out the list of deceased family members and friends so that they can be remembered in the annual Novena for the Holy Souls. So many usually travel to visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried and join in the public prayers that are said there at this time of the year or at another time. Our deceased loved ones are not forgotten.
With the Covid restrictions that are in place at this time, things cannot be celebrated as they were other years. This does not mean that we forget our deceased family members.
The annual Novena for the Holy Souls will be taking place as usual, starting on Monday, 2nd November until Tuesday, 10th November. All parishioners are invited to hand in the names of their deceased loved ones over the next few days so that they can be included in the Novena.
If you did not get an envelope for the Novena delivered to your home envelopes can be found in the porch of the church in Frankfield. Even though the Masses cannot be said in public, all those whose names are handed in are remembered.
Novena envelopes can be dropped into the post box on the outside wall of the parish office, or into Fr Kevin’s presbytery (house on the left).
Please check with your elderly neighbours if they received an envelope and would like you to drop it in for them.
Scripture tells us that it is a good and holy thing to pray for the dead. Let us do this good deed for our deceased loved ones.

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