Message from Fr Kevin

Dear parishioners,

Jesus, in this Sunday’s Gospel, was preparing his disciples for the time when he would no longer be with them. He was telling them of the new reality that would come about because of his death and resurrection. He was giving them hope to live in a world that was going to be very different. The first part of the gospel is read at a lot of funeral Masses to remind the bereaved that though their lives have changed due to the death of their loved one, there is always hope that comes to us from our faith in God.

This period of lockdown due to the Coronavirus has brought about a new reality for people, especially those who have to cocoon and stay away from the shops and supermarkets. Some people have spoken to me about their new found ability to stay in their home quite contently and happy to read a book or listen to music; something they hadn’t done for years. One of the things that most people say they find the hardest is the lack of physical contact with other people. Parents find it difficult that their children drop their shopping at the door and speak to them from a distance, grandchildren wave from the garden and speak to them through an open window. The simple gestures of affection that were taken for granted such as a handshake, a hug and a kiss are sorely missed.                                             

So much in our world has changed due to the Coronavirus and some of these changes will have lasting effects. Queuing outside shops and supermarkets will be the new normal. Social distancing will be part of our new daily vocabulary. While most people are waiting to be able to return to their place of work for a number of workers that will not be a reality. People have been laid off from  a large number of sectors and face a new reality of job hunting in a new global recession.

The words of Jesus in the Gospel are just as relevant today as when he spoke them Do not let your hearts be troubled. Trust in God still and trust in me. As we as a country prepare for the easing of restrictions let us have the strength and courage to face the new normal as it emerges. We will need to support and encourage those who will find it difficult to adjust.

I continue to remember you all in my daily prayers and Masses.

Keep safe. 

Fr Kevin

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