Easter Message from Fr Kevin

One of the things that always amazed me as a child at Easter was the decoration of the church that happened overnight. From the bare sanctuary that I would see when queueing to go to confession on Holy Saturday morning to the abundance of flowers that would greet one on Easter Sunday morning at Mass. It would be a real surprise as I would look at the total transformation of the sanctuary. That would be to say in modern language the WOW factor which highlighted that   something important is being celebrated here in the church.

The sense of surprise at seeing a totally decorated church only points to the surprise of Easter that is being celebrated. The women went to the tomb to carry out a duty of mourning, preparing the body for burial. Instead they get a surprise, a life changing surprise The Lord is Risen. This surprise impulses them to run and tell the Good News. The Apostles run to confirm what the women have told them the tomb is empty The Lord Is Risen. A Total Surprise.

Throughout the scriptures we read again and again God surprising his people. Each surprise always brought a response of renewal of their relation with God from the people. The same God is still active and surprising the world. We are being constantly invited into a deeper relationship with him. How are we prepared to respond to God and his invitation? How do we proclaim the surprise of Easter The Lord is Risen?

By opening one’s heart and mind to God one may be surprised where it may lead you to. I wish all the Joy of Easter for you and all your loved ones.

Fr Kevin.


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