Parish Bereavement Mass

Remembrance Table

Perhaps they are not the stars, but, rather openings in Heaven where the love of our departed ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy. (Eskimo legend)

As the rain poured down and the wind kept blowing hundreds of parishioners came out to pay their respects to their deceased loved ones at our Annual Bereavement Mass on Wednesday evening 14th November. The Mass was offered for all those who departed this life in the previous twelve months in our parish and, also all our loved ones who died down through the years, as they are always kept very close to us in our hearts.

Fr Kevin celebrated the Mass which everyone found emotional and heartfelt.

Our church choir sang the entrance hymn ‘Be still for the presence of the Lord’. Con read the lesson from the prophet Isaiah. The choir sang the responsorial psalm ‘God of life’

Fr Kevin began his homily by making a reference to the previous Sunday’s Remembrance Day Mass to mark Armistice Day. He pointed out the importance of remembering deceased loved ones. He spoke of the different countries where the men and women, who died in the First and Second World Wars, were remembered on that day by so many people. Many had no connection to the military but also felt a need to remember. As we were remembering our own deceased loved ones on this night we had come together as a community to show our support to the families in our own parish who had lost a loved one in the past twelve months and previous years. The families of the deceased had come to find comfort and solace. He reminded us of the Remembrance Tree in the church that was overflowing with the names of deceased family members and friends who are being prayed for at all the Masses being offered in our church in November. Fr Kevin went on to speak about the different stages of grief. The grieving and sense of loss which might never leave and the acceptance that comes with time which enables a person to reach a stage where they can move on with their life again. He assured all present of the support and sympathy of our community and invited everyone to join together for refreshments afterwards in the parish centre.

As the choir sang ‘Close to you’ and ‘All I ask of you is forever to remember me for loving you’ Maeliosa, parish assembly secretary, read out the 36 names of our loved ones who had died in the parish over the previous twelve months. Their family member was invited to place a candle with their name on it on the table provided in front of the altar. Members of the congregation were then invited to bring up a candle and place it on the tables either side of the centre table, all the time bringing to mind their own loved one/s who have died.

Con read the Prayer of the Faithful.

The Offertory hymn sung was ‘Father God I worship You’ and during the distribution of Holy Communion the hymns ‘In your love remember me’ and ‘When I feel the touch of your hands upon my life’ were sung. Mary, parish assembly member, read the reflection Remembering after Holy Communion.

Before the final blessing Fr Kevin thanked members of the parish assembly, the Ministers of the Eucharist, the parish choir, Jean Downey the organist, Tom the sacristan, Marion, parish secretary, and everyone else who helped organise the Mass and the refreshments afterwards. The congregation was invited to take home their candle and to partake of the proffered refreshments. Recessional hymn was ‘Be still my soul’

A large number of the congregation turned up for tea and sandwiches, as always kindly sponsored by SuperValu, and the lovely cakes baked by members of the parish.  As has become the tradition over the past few years the unopened cakes were donated to Cork Penny Dinners.




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