Information on Parish Assembly 2017-2020

What is a Parish?
• A parish is not only a piece of territory defined by specific boundaries. It is also formed by people who have faith in Jesus Christ and who allow that faith to shape, inform and inspire what they do and how they live.

What is a Parish Assembly?
• A structure that encourages all baptised people to work together for the good of the parish community.

• A group that is concerned with the pastoral, spiritual and faith life of members of the parish.

• A group that endeavours, with the parish clergy, to create a vibrant faith community that is in tune with the gospel message and desires to hand on the faith to the next generation.

• A group that works together to facilitate the realisation of tasks in the parish.

• Parish Assembly is about using the life skills and experience of parishioners for the benefit of all.

• The Parish Assembly works in collaboration with the priests of the parish. Its role is mainly advisory and consultative.
What is a Parish Assembly not about?
• A Parish Assembly is not about finance, buildings or maintenance. These issues are already dealt with by the Finance Committee. Nor does it take over the role of people already involved in the parish.

Who can be on the Parish Assembly?
• Anybody who cares about our parish and its future.

• Anybody who is willing to listen to the views and needs of others.

• Anybody who is willing to work closely and creatively with others.

• Anybody who is willing to commit his/her time, talents and energy to the formation process and to three years of membership.

• Anybody who will seek to engage the talents of other parishioners in their activities.

• Anybody who may see new opportunities for our parish

• Through our Baptism we are all called to share and use our God given gifts for the benefit of the community.

• Lay involvement in the parish leads to better integration, friendship and faith development in the community, offering a space for the voices of the people of the parish to be heard.
How do I become involved?
• Each parishioner is invited to nominate up to three people over 18 years of age.

• If you would like to become a member yourself please enter your own name.

• You do not need to ask the person you nominate – the organisers will do that.

• Everyone who is nominated will be contacted by the organisers and invited to become a member of the Parish Assembly and to attend a preparation course.
Prayer: Lord may you, who are the author of life and love, bring new life into our being and fill us with life and love. Challenge us to work for your kingdom so that in our everyday experience we may be bearers of good news and spread your love. May the risen Christ be the beginning and the end of all that we do and say, and may we be always be open to your Spirit in our lives. We make this prayer in faith and trust. Amen.

Samples of the work undertaken by the outgoing Parish Assembly:
• The organisation of the 40th Anniversary Celebrations. This included the organisation of at least one event for each month during 2016.

The organisation of the opening event i.e. the Ecumenical Service in January, the Healing Service in March, the Parish Mission in September and the concluding Mass in December were the major highlights of the 40th Anniversary Year.

• The training of a number of new altar servers.

• A defibrillator training course.

• Mass of Healing in February.

• Cemetery Mass and Blessing of graves in August.

• Bereavement Mass in November.

• Raising funds to send a young person from the parish to Lourdes.

• Organisation of Rosary in the Church for Rosary Sunday.

• Helping to plan Easter Liturgies

• Stations of the Cross on Good Friday with children from Scoil Nicoláis.

• Prayer around the Cross on Good Friday.

• Organising farewell receptions for Fr. Colin and Fr. Christy.

• Hosting receptions for Visiting Choirs.

• Organisation of 45 card drives in the Parish Centre.

• Recent involvement in the planning of a Men’s Shed for Douglas/Grange/Frankfield area.

Renewing Our Parish Assembly:
• At Masses on the weekend of the 21st/22nd January Fr. Kevin and Fr. Ben will talk on the Parish Assembly and Information Leaflets will be distributed.

• At Masses on the weekend of 28th/29th January members of the outgoing Parish Assembly will speak.

• At Masses on the weekend of the 4th/5th February Nomination Forms will be handed out and collected.

• There will also be a facility to put nomination papers in the brown box at the top of the church.

• Formation Meetings: – Session 1: Wednesday 1st March @ 8.00pm
– Session 2: Sat. 11th March @ 10.30am – Session 3: Wednesday 22nd Mar. @ 8.00pm. All Formation Meetings will be held in the Parish Centre. Evening sessions will be held from 8.00pm to 9.30pm and the Saturday session from 10.00am to 4.00pm with lunch at 12.30pm.

• The date for the Commissioning of the New Parish Assembly will be decided at the Formation Session 3 on Wednesday March 22nd.

• The New Parish Assembly will hold its first meeting in May 2017

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