Confirmation is the sacrament where the Spirit of God is called upon to strengthen and guide the person being confirmed. It helps us recognise that we need the support of God to live a good life, a life of integrity. The sacrament serves as a remembrance that wherever we are we can always call on the Spirit of God to support us. Confirmation may be seen as the acceptance of the Faith given to the baby in Baptism by a person entering into adult life. The sponsor in Confirmation is often the same sponsor (godparent) as that for Baptism, another sign of the connection between the two sacraments.

What does ‘your spirit’ mean? For St Paul the spirit is our spiritual part that is closest to God. It is about having the spirit or mind of Christ as our guiding light, as what guides us through the day – a Christian spirit; it proclaims the presence of Christ among us.

The girls and boys of the present four 6th classes in Scoil Nioclais will receive the Sacrament of Confirmation on the following date:
THURSDAY, 18th APRIL 2024 at 10.30am
There will be no restrictions on the number of family members who can attend the ceremonies.  
Confirmations normally take place in March or April, but can also be as early as February or as late as May depending on the diocesan confirmation schedule.

The child’s baptismal certificate is required to be handed into the school before this date. This certificate can only be obtained from the parish in which the child was baptised.

Baptismal certificates in this parish can only be requested and issued at the parish office during office hours.