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Major housing development occurred in the Douglas area of Cork from the early 1960s.  About a decade later, due to overcrowding in St. Columba’s, the Douglas Parish Church, a decision was taken to build a church-of-ease for the parish in the Grange area. A site for the church was donated by Patrick McCarthy in Curragh Conway South. He also arranged for the purchase of an additional small plot of land from Jack and Maud Kelly, members of Holy Trinity Church in Frankfield, to provide for road frontage. Bishop Cornelius Lucey blessed the site on the 3rd May 1974. On the 28th July 1976 the new Church of the Incarnation was consecrated and opened by Dr. Michael Murphy coadjutor bishop and parish priest of Douglas. Just two days later, on the 30th July the first baptism took place and four days later the first marriage was celebrated in the new church.

Frankfield/Grange became a parish in its own right six years after it opened as a church-of-ease when Fr. Humphrey Mulcahy became the first parish priest on 12th September 1982. However, a mere fifteen years after its opening major refurbishment work had to be carried out due to dampness.

This provided an opportunity to make improvements to natural lighting with the installation of a dome light in the roof over the altar, to provide a child friendly room by converting a small chapel and to drain and enhance the church grounds. The work was initiated and brought to fruition by the second parish priest, Fr. John Galvin.

House in a field

Frankfield/Grange is a large parish. It is mostly urban but it also has a significant rural community.