The Parish Finance Committee oversees parish finances in order to support liturgical services, community activities and maintain parish property with full transparency and accountability.
  • The Parish Finance Committee, in addition to its priest member(s), shall have at least four lay members.
    • The Parish Priest/Administrator, in consultation with the other priest(s) of the parish and with suitable lay advisers, as he may see fit, shall appoint the members of the Committee.
    • Lay members of the Parish Finance Committee, shall be parishioners of the highest integrity and shall be competent in management and financial matters.
    • The term of office of the lay members of the Parish Finance Committee is to be three years. Lay members, on completion of their second consecutive term of office, are ineligible for immediate reappointment but may be reappointed after three years.
  • The Parish Finance Committee is to meet at least three times a year.

The members of the parish finance committee can be contacted via the parish office or through a member of the parish clergy.

For further information on the workings of Parish Finance Committees please go to diocesan website, under PARISHES on tool bar, drop down the menu to Parish Finance Committees.
St Matthew’s Gospel (22:15-21) reminds us of the need to use money well. Jesus was not opposed to money, nor did he regard it and possessions as evil. Rather Jesus says that everything is a gift from God, including money, but like all gifts it’s how we use them that matters. Money can make people selfish and greedy; it can become a false god. It can also have the opposite effect; it can make people caring, generous and sensitive. The early Christians didn’t get rid of all their money and possessions when they heard about Jesus, they shared them. They used what they had to support and care for each other. Let us pray for their courage and learn from their example.