Parish Assembly

Our Mission is to reach out to everyone with compassion and understanding; creating a joyful, hopeful and inclusive Community; to pass on the Faith to all, especially our youth, with The Holy Family as our inspiration.

The 3rd term of the parish assembly began their meetings on the 1st week in January 2014, it will run until the 1st Sunday of Advent 2016.  The parish assembly members are elected by the parishioners for a period of one term – 3 years. However they are permitted to run for a second term and in fact are encouraged to do so in order to have continuity. It is recommended one third of assembly members serve for a second term. Members, on completion of their second consecutive term of office, are ineligible for immediate reappointment but may be reappointed after three years has elapsed. The assembly meets monthly, except during the summer months of July and August. The sub-groups meet more often to plan and organise different events.

The 3 sub-groups within the assembly are:

Youth & Children: Encourages young people to attend Mass by involving them in the celebration of it. A new group of altar servers have been trained and are now assisting Fr Christy and Fr Ben on the sanctuary.

Liturgy: Assists with community worship especially the celebration of the Eucharist. The group meets once a month but more often during Advent and Lent to help plan and organise the Christmas, Holy Week and Easter Liturgical ceremonies.

Community and Communication: Is responsible for keeping the parish faith community undated on the ongoing activities of the parish assembly groups. They publish a newsletter twice a year and negotiate with various professional bodies of health and well being to speak on Wednesday mornings at the retired-active group’s coffee mornings. Part of the group’s remit is hospitality and they organise and provide refreshments (assisted by the other assembly groups) in the parish centre after various liturgical services throughout the church year.

Members of the assembly can be contacted via the parish office or through the parish clergy.