A Message from the Parish Finance Committee

Tax Efficient Donations
Our envelope collection system continues this year despite the current closure. Boxes are available for collection tomorrow, Monday 22nd February, between 10.30 and 12.30 in the parish office – located behind the church. If you are unable to collect at this time, please contact the parish office by email as we will be arranging a second collection date.
We can also email you the application form, for you to complete and return, and allocate you a box number which you can use when making your donations online, or if dropping off a donation to the Presbytery and you can pick your box up at a later date.
When a parishioner makes a donation of over €250 a year to the Offertory and Second collections the parish can reclaim an additional 33% on this donation from the revenue once the parishioner has paid tax in the current tax year.
If you already have a box number from a prior year, you can continue to use that number on any donations made online or dropped into the Presbytery, and collect your box at a later stage when the church reopens for masses.
As you can appreciate while the Church is currently closed to the public for Masses, the expenses continue to come in for overheads for the church and the parish hall.
We very much need, and would be very grateful for your ongoing financial support.
Thank you,
The Parish Finance Committee

Mass Bookings

From March 1st Mass intentions for the months of April, May and June

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Day of Prayer for Victims and Survivors of Abuse

The following text for prayer was sent to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin by a person who suffered abuse so that it could be shared in parishes. This prayer was inscribed on the healing stone which was unveiled at the 50th International Eucharistic Congress 2012 and now has its permanent home at Lough Derg, Co Donegal. 

Lord, we are so sorry
for what some of us did to your children:
treated them so cruelly,
especially in their hour of need.
We have left them with a lifelong suffering.

This was not your plan for them or us.
Please help us to help them.
Guide us, Lord, Amen.

Great news to report

We are very happy to report our church’s WiFi has been repaired and is now up and running.

Tune into Fr Kevin 10am online Masses Monday to Saturday mornings,
and the 6.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday evening and 10am & 11.30am Masses on Sunday.


Lenten Stepping Stones

There will a series of short live reflections streamed online on Wednesdays of Lent at 1.30pm lasting just 15 minutes; beginning next Wednesday, 24th February at 1.30pm.

They are called “Stepping Stones for Lent” – in other words, helps to guide us spiritually through this holy season. Each Wednesday there will be a short introduction, a short spoken reflection from a guest speaker and a short prayer-time to conclude.

It will be live streamed on two places: the Facebook Page of the Diocese and the YouTube channel of the diocese.  (please copy and paste, click on the cathedral and subscribe).

Technical Issues with our WiFi


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Ash Wednesday

This year, instead of people having Blessed Ashes placed on their foreheads by a priest on Ash Wednesday (Feb 17th), the Diocese of Cork and Ross has organised for special envelopes to be printed and distributed to the parishes.

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Catholic Schools Week

CATHOLIC SCHOOLS WEEK 2021 will be celebrated from Sunday 24th January to Sunday 31st January on the theme ‘Catholic Schools: Communities of Faith and Resilience’.

As we live through an unprecedented time of challenge and uncertainty, our faith and our resilience can be tested. We can ask questions like ‘Will things ever be the same again?’, ‘When can we get back to normality?’, ‘Where is God in all of this?’ In response to this, we reflect upon how Catholic schools are communities of faith and resilience. In Catholic schools, we are called to support each other and to have faith in the promise of the Good News. Catholic schools are inspired by the belief that God has created each one of us with a capacity to give love and receive love. This love is bound in faith and is more resilient than any virus. While each Catholic school is such a community, every Catholic school fosters the holistic development of its students, promotes their wellbeing and offers them cultivation of a deeper, loving relationship with God. Jesus teaches us to love one another as he has loved us. During Catholic Schools Week we celebrate the gifts and talents we have in following Jesus’ teaching.

This year we celebrate how we are called to be communities of faith and resilience, through our thoughts, words and actions. In doing so, we live out the meaning of the beautiful hymn ‘Ubi caritas et amor, Deus ibi est’ – ‘Where charity and love are, God is there.’

As we are living in such difficult times – we are working remotely and our children are now studying and learning remotely with the help of parents, guardians, grandparents or even siblings and childminders. There is nothing easy about Homeschooling and on most parents lips or thoughts at this present time is…..”I’m not an educator, I’m not cut out for this, I can’t do this and my own work, This is so so difficult”. We are all struggling at the moment and finding the days difficult with little or no motivation, it is hard to stay focused on the brighter days that are only around the corner for us – days when our children will go back to school, days when we won’t have to struggle with our work and the work of our children and days when the Covid virus will be truly behind us. We just need to focus a little longer, hold tight and follow guidelines and respect restrictions that are there to keep us all safe, AND REMEMBER YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB!   (


Resources for the celebration of Catholic Schools Week can be accessed through the link below….


Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2021

Today, January 18th, we begin the ‘Week of Prayer for Christian Unity’.
The theme of this year’s Christian Unity Week is Abide in My Love….you shall bear much fruit (John 15:5-9)
The Liturgy was prepared by the monastic community of Sisters of Grandchamp, Switzerland.
In sharing the resources the sisters invite us to enter into their vocation to prayer,
reconciliation and unity in the Church and in the human family.
Click on this link for prayer resources for use at home

Christmas Crib

The Christmas Crib will be taken down on Wednesday next, 20th January.

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