First Confessions for 2nd class children of Scoil Nioclais

Ms Keeshan’s 2nd class children, who will be receiving their First Holy Communion in May this year, will have their First Confession heard on Thursday, 10th March, at 11am in the parish church.

Ms Kenny’s 2nd class will have their First Confession at 12 noon on Thursday, 10th March.

As children prepare for First Communion they will also prepare for their First Reconciliation. This is a special part of the First Communion programme as it is a time for each child to understand their responsibilities and the Catholic faith as they make their First Penance. The emphasis in preparing children for this sacrament is based on asking the children to think on the times when they did not live as Jesus asked them to.

Confessional boxes are no longer used, the child and priest sit to one side of the church.