Baptism Notice

We are very sorry to report that because of the rapid transmission of the Delta virus, Bishop Fintan has informed all parishes that the Sacrament of Baptism is being postponed until further notice.
The parish office will be in touch with the families whose babies are scheduled to be christened after the 5th July.
The parish office is open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 10.30am to 12.30pm.
The phone number is 021-4897379, email address

Welcome back to public Masses

I am delighted to welcome back all parishioners to Mass in the church from Monday morning next, 10th May, at 10am. This will be the first public Mass since Christmas Day. I know parishioners are wanting to get back to Mass, and to be part of the praying community, being spiritually nourished by the Word of God and the Eucharist. Fortunately, due to the size of the church, we are allowed to have a hundred people, two pods of fifty, at each Mass.
Just to remind you the procedures that were put in place last year are there still to help keep us all safe. These procedures, we know, can be frustrating, but we need to continue to be careful and take care of each other, which is why we are asked to wear a mask, vaccinated or not. On entering the church all will still have to sanitise their hands. The stewards will guide you to your seat. Remember the 2 metres physical distancing rule is still in place, and certain seats remain cut off.
The stewards will direct you to Holy Communion. The procedure will be different to last year as there cannot be contact between the 2 pods during Mass. The new procedure for the distribution of Holy Communion will be explained at every Mass. Holy Communion may only be received in the hand for the foreseeable future.
Because our church is still limited in the numbers we can have, and to help and support people stewards will be there to help, advise and give directions. We are all in this together, and we also need to individually accept responsibility to ensure we all follow the advice to keep each other safe. So please, co-operate with the stewards at all times. They are there for your safety as well as everyone else’s.
People are encouraged to avail of the weekday Masses as well as of Sunday Masses to ensure we can maximise our numbers. For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, parishioners are asked not to congregate in groups outside the church doors.
Fr Kevin

Easter Message from Fr Kevin

It is difficult to believe that we are celebrating another Easter in lockdown with level 5 restrictions. For over a year now we have gone through a year of difficulty and trials. People just want to get back to where they can meet family and friends for chats, catch up on news, have meals together, hug, laugh and cry together, celebrate all the important occasions such as birthdays and everything else they have missed out on. Many just want to get back to Mass and to be part of the faith community again. As one man said to me recently that “there is an emptiness in his life not being able to go to Mass”.

There is new life all around us. The primroses are flowering and the trees are greening up as the buds open up. The days are longer and the sunshine has brightened everything up.   There are signs of easing of restrictions beginning later in the month. The numbers being vaccinated go up each week and will continue to rise as more vaccines become available. There seems to be an end in sight.

The message of Easter is about new life, the new life of the Risen Lord and the new life that comes to us through the renewal of our baptismal promises. As has been said by Pope Francis and other religious leaders in recent times: “We can’t go back to our old lives before the pandemic. We have to move forward to embrace the new world we are entering”. People showed a new spirit of generosity towards family, friends and neighbours. There is a new appreciation of people’s work not only in health care but also in the retail trade and transportation. Let us not lose this new spirit but build upon it.

May the Light of Risen Christ, give hope, encouragement and strength to us all this Easter.

Fr. Kevin



Church Opening Hours

The church will be open on the following days and at the following times for personal prayer only.

HOLY THURSDAY:        9am  –  6pm


GOOD FRIDAY:              9am – 11.30am    &     

                                                                                                  4pm – 6pm


                                                         HOLY SATURDAY:       9am  –  6pm

Holy Week and Easter Ceremonies

HOLY WEEK CEREMONIES 2021                                                                                                                                 

Because of Level 5 Restrictions all ceremonies will be live streamed only.                                                 


Masses are celebrated Saturday Vigil 6.30pm & Sunday 10.00am & 11.30am on

After 11.30am Mass, Blessed Palm Crosses will be available in the church on the table near the shrines for you to take home.

If you wish to have your palms ready at home they too will be blessed.

HOLY THURSDAY 1st APRIL  –   CHRISM MASS  10am                                                                                                                     

Bishop Fintan Gavin will celebrate the Chrism Mass in the Cathedral. This is the only Mass celebrated on Holy Thursday morning in the Diocese. This year the priests will renew their commitment to priesthood online and Bishop Fintan Gavin will invite the people to pray for them. The Holy Oils: Oil of Catechumens (Baptism), Oil of Chrism and Oil of the Sick, are the three oils which will be used in the celebration of the sacraments in the parish during the year. These are blessed at this Mass and will be distributed to the parishes of the diocese.

live streamed on:  or


7.30pm          Mass of the Lord’s  Supper live streamed on:         



12 noon          Stations of the Cross live streamed on:


3pm           Liturgy of the Passion live streamed on:             



9pm          Easter Vigil   –   We are invited to join with Bishop Fintan Gavin at 9pm Holy Saturday night for the Easter Vigil

                                             live streamed on: or


  EASTER SUNDAY 4th APRIL  –  Masses 10am & 11.30am live streamed on:


Small bottles of Easter Holy Water will be available on the table near the shrines in the church after the 11.30am Mass.                                                       

 The collection on Easter Sunday is one of two collections in the year for the priests of the parish. This year with Masses only being live streamed you are invited to go to the parish website and click on the donate button and press ‘3’  Priests’ Income CollectionSingle Donation. This is one of the ways of supporting the priests of the parish.   

Your support is greatly appreciated.


Palm Crosses

This coming Sunday the church celebrates Palm Sunday, it is the last Sunday before Easter Sunday and signifies the beginning of Holy Week.

The story is recalled in honour of Jesus’ victorious entry into Jerusalem on a donkey when Palm Branches (hence the use of Palm Cross) were laid across the road by the crowds who gathered.

To remember and honour this defining moment in Jesus’ Ministry, churches around the world distribute Palm Crosses to their congregations at this time.

You may collect your own Palm Cross from the church on Palm Sunday from 12.30pm, when the church opens for private prayer.

Lenten Stepping Stones Week 4


Dues Envelopes

Will the distributors of the Church’s Dues envelopes please collect them from the parish office.
Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30am – 12.30pm (2 hours); thank you.

Stepping Stones

A Reflection for Lent on Light by Ruairi Deane. Wednesday, 3rd March, at 1.30pm on

A Message from the Parish Finance Committee

Tax Efficient Donations
Our envelope collection system continues this year despite the current closure. Boxes are available for collection tomorrow, Monday 22nd February, between 10.30 and 12.30 in the parish office – located behind the church. If you are unable to collect at this time, please contact the parish office by email as we will be arranging a second collection date.
We can also email you the application form, for you to complete and return, and allocate you a box number which you can use when making your donations online, or if dropping off a donation to the Presbytery and you can pick your box up at a later date.
When a parishioner makes a donation of over €250 a year to the Offertory and Second collections the parish can reclaim an additional 33% on this donation from the revenue once the parishioner has paid tax in the current tax year.
If you already have a box number from a prior year, you can continue to use that number on any donations made online or dropped into the Presbytery, and collect your box at a later stage when the church reopens for masses.
As you can appreciate while the Church is currently closed to the public for Masses, the expenses continue to come in for overheads for the church and the parish hall.
We very much need, and would be very grateful for your ongoing financial support.
Thank you,
The Parish Finance Committee