We finally got to say farewell and thanks to Fr Colin who left us in August to take up his new appointment as parish priest of Mahon parish. Fr Colin ministered as our parish curate from June 2008 to August 2014 and the parishioners of Frankfield/Grange came out in their numbers to express their appreciation and thanks for his pastoral ministry over the previous six years.

Fr Colin celebrated the 6.30pm Vigil Mass on Saturday November 15th and expressed his thanks for being invited back for a final farewell.  He said he enjoyed his ministry in Frankfield/Grange and hoped that we, in our own way, had benefited from his pastoral care and spiritual guidance during his time among us. His mother, Marie, his brother Liam and Liam’s finacee Yvonne attended the celebrations.

Just before the final hymn at the end of Mass, Jim Connolly, chairperson of the parish assembly, made a presentation on our behalf, to Fr Colin. Jim gave a short history of Fr Colin’s ministries from his ordination in 1993 to the present date. Although Fr Colin hails from Mayfield (a norrie at heart!) he is at home in all parishes irrespective of their location. He said Fr Colin gave himself wholeheartedly to his ministry and we will remember with fondness his pastoral leadership with us – our loss is indeed Mahon’s gain. Fr Colin thanked all involved in planning and organising the Eucharistic celebration and the refreshments and indeed he was grateful to all who turned up to wish him well in his new appointment.

Fr Colin once again said goodbye to the parishioners as they exited the church, while a big number of the congregation headed to the parish centre to partake of some refreshments.

Fr Colin together with his mother Marie ‘cut’ his cake which was decorated with a photo of himself; mind you he was careful not to cut his face off! He then took the opportunity to chat with parishioners over a cuppa. Tom O’Byrne, a member of the parish assembly and the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults) presented Fr Colin with a photo of Eveline and her family, with Fr Colin and himself, which had been taken at Eveline’s baptism into the Catholic Faith on Holy Saturday night last (19th April). Tom thanked Fr Colin for his pastoral involvement in the RCIA group and for the use of his own front room for their weekly instruction meetings with Eveline. Show time followed when members of the choir and other members of the congregation entertained us with group and individual singing. To the tune of a Gypsy Rover (Fr Colin’s party piece, though mind you he only ever sings one verse!) the choir sang (penned by Neasa) a personal tribute to Fr Colin. As always Gene Sheehan accompanied all the singers on his guitar as well as singing the best loved and iconic song American pie. 

Fr Christy spoke a few words and said the large number of parishioners who attended the Mass and the parish centre was testament to how much Fr Colin endeared himself to the parishioners, and how grateful we were to have had him journey with us over the previous six years. He thanked the members of the parish assembly for organising the celebrations and Gene for his music accompaniment. 

Check out photos in our photo gallery (top of the page) depicting Fr Colin’s celebrations.