Message from Fr Kevin

Dear parishioners,

This coming Sunday is Pentecost Sunday; the feast of the coming of the Holy Spirit is unlike any other. You are celebrating it in your homes, the domestic churches, as individual families. Even though you are not gathered as the large community of believers, one thing you can be certain of is that the Spirit of God is with you all. The Holy Spirit has guided the Church from that first Pentecost Sunday. The same Spirit is with us as we as a community of believers adjust to the changes that have taken part in our lives.

The Holy Spirit has inspired men and women down through the ages to make brave and courageous decisions. We just have to have that same courage in these difficult times and make the bold decisions so that as a community of believers we continue to grow and flourish. In September, when there will be easier movement of people, we as a parish community will have to put a new Parish Assembly in place. The process for doing this had begun when the lockdown took place. I ask that you would have the courage at this time to be involved in the life of the parish community, as new ways are introduced to live out our faith.

Thirty years ago next Tuesday, 2nd June, I was ordained a priest in the Cathedral in Cork. Looking back over those thirty years I wonder where the time has gone. I have been in so many different situations and had so many different life experiences both here in Ireland and in Ecuador. It happened that I celebrated my First Mass on the Feast of Pentecost. Since then I have always felt that no matter what came along the Holy Spirit was with me over the last 30 years, and will be with me in the future. I never envisioned that I would be celebrating my 30th anniversary of my ordination in a lockdown situation.

I ask for your prayers for me and my fellow priests at this time. The start of June was the traditional time when priests were ordained in this diocese, and many will be celebrating their anniversaries of ordination on their own
I continue to remember you all in my prayers and Masses.

Fr Kevin

Church opens from 11am – 4pm

From Tuesday next, 2nd June, our parish church will open for personal prayer only.

While visiting our church please follow all the guideline given so that we can care and respect each other and those who are stewarding/cleaning/caring for our church buildings during these weeks.
Let us continue to pray for one another…

People will enter by the main door and exit by the side door by the shrines.

Parish Notices

CELEBRATIONS OF CONFIRMATION AND FIRST HOLY COMMUNION: Last week Bishop Fintan Gavin wrote letters to the parents/guardians of the children due to receive the sacarements of Confirmation and First Holy Communion this school year. He explained the present situation regarding the celebration of these sacraments. These letters were sent out through the primary schools. Copies of the letters are available to read on the parish Facebook page: Frankfield/GrangeParish Church.

NEW PARISH EMAIL ADDRESS: The parish has a new email address. I would ask that you would note this new email address and use from now on


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Churches reopen for personal prayer


Scripture Summer School

Full details of the Scripture Summer School are available online at

Message from Fr Kevin

Dear parishioners,

This coming Thursday, 30th April, would have been Confirmation day for the boys and girls of sixth class in Scoil Niocláis. The usual preparations were taking place when it was announced that March 12th was the last day of school. Little did the teachers and I think that the situation would change so drastically, and the lockdown would be extended for as long as it has.

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Message from Fr Kevin

Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday. It gets this name from the Gospel that is read on this day in which Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd. It is also the Sunday in which the Church prays for vocations, especially to the priesthood and religious life. All members of the Church have a vocation by virtue of their baptism. The Church since the Second Vatican Council calls itself the People of God and within that, people have different vocations or callings but all are to help to build up the body of the Church and spread the Good News.

There has been an awareness of the decline in the number of priests in the diocese and the idea of having parishes without resident priests has started to become a reality. The present situation with the pandemic has highlighted the situation we face in this diocese when a quarter of the priests had to cocoon themselves to comply with government guidelines. Everyone will be called upon to play their role in the building up of the  faith community of the future. It will be people with the support of the priest making the journey into an unknown future together. New ministries will emerge in answer to the needs of the community.

We take heed of the words of Jesus The Good Shepherd “ Do not be Afraid”.  Let us pray together  this Sunday not only for vocations to the priesthood but for all vocations within the Church. Keep safe. I continue to remember you in my prayers and Masses.

Fr Kevin

Easter Message from Fr Kevin

Dear Parishioners,

Easter 2020 will be the one that will be spoken about in the future when people will be talking about the Covid 19 pandemic. Who would have thought when we were hearing the reports of a new virus being discovered in China last December we would be celebrating Easter this way with social isolating, social distancing or cocooning in place. New terms that a few months ago we would have looked up to see what they meant are now part of our every day language. The way we interact with people has changed. We now have time for one another. Phone calls and all the forms of social media are being used to keep in contact with loved ones in Ireland and abroad.

Normally on Holy Saturday night at the Easter Vigil the Pascal Candle is lit to represent the presence of the risen Lord. This light is then shared with all in the church. This Holy Saturday at 9pm all the lights in the churches  throughout the diocese will be lit to show that the light of the Christ is shining in our world. We are people of hope and joy because of what the risen Lord did for us. On this Holy Saturday night and on Easter Sunday we will renew our baptismal promises while following a Mass on television, on social media or listening to it on the radio. In this renewal of our baptismal promises let us remind ourselves once more of the hope and joy we have as Christians. Let you in your homes light lights and candles at 9pm on Holy Saturday night and share our Christian joy and hope with the world.

At this Easter time I wish to thank all those who are so willingly involved in the life of the parish giving of their time in different ministries and services. It is only with their commitment that the parish can function as a faith community reaching out to all. When things will return to some form of normality again, the parish community will need the support and commitment of all to be able to share once more the joy and hope that comes to us from our faith in the risen Lord.

I wish you and all your families all the joy of this Holy Season of Easter. May the Risen Lord continue to watch over you all and protect you. I continue to pray for you all.

Fr Kevin

Message From Fr Kevin

Dear Parishioners,
We are entering Holy Week, one of the most sacred times for all Christians as we celebrate the Death and Resurresction of Jesus. However due to the Coronavirus we will not be celebrating together physically as a community of believers but we will be celebrating together spiritually. The Bishop has invited all the people of the diocese to join with him as he celebrates the Easter Triduum for the Diocese. (See Bishop’s Invitation)

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Invitation from Bishop Fintan

“The new public health restrictions have changed our lives and ministry significantly. I know that “cocooning” is not easy for people who have to, and neither is isolation, but these steps are necessary to stop the spread of the virus and save lives.

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