Message from Fr Kevin

Dear Parishioners,

This Sunday is Good Shepherd Sunday. It gets this name from the Gospel that is read on this day in which Jesus calls himself the Good Shepherd. It is also the Sunday in which the Church prays for vocations, especially to the priesthood and religious life. All members of the Church have a vocation by virtue of their baptism. The Church since the Second Vatican Council calls itself the People of God and within that, people have different vocations or callings but all are to help to build up the body of the Church and spread the Good News.

There has been an awareness of the decline in the number of priests in the diocese and the idea of having parishes without resident priests has started to become a reality. The present situation with the pandemic has highlighted the situation we face in this diocese when a quarter of the priests had to cocoon themselves to comply with government guidelines. Everyone will be called upon to play their role in the building up of the  faith community of the future. It will be people with the support of the priest making the journey into an unknown future together. New ministries will emerge in answer to the needs of the community.

We take heed of the words of Jesus The Good Shepherd “ Do not be Afraid”.  Let us pray together  this Sunday not only for vocations to the priesthood but for all vocations within the Church. Keep safe. I continue to remember you in my prayers and Masses.

Fr Kevin

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