Message From Fr Kevin

Dear Parishioners,

We are entering Holy Week, one of the most sacred times for all Christians as we celebrate the Death and Resurresction of Jesus. However due to the Coronavirus we will not be celebrating together physically  as a community of believers but we will be celebrating together spiritually. The Bishop has invited all the people of the diocese to join with him as he celebrates the Easter Triduum for the Diocese. (See Bishop’s Invitation)                            

Remember parents that the home is the domestic Church, the foundation stone of the Church. You by example can teach your children how to be Church at this difficult time. You can pray together as a family, you can read the Passion story from the Gospels and also pray together the Stations of the Cross.                      

As this situation continues some people are finding the social isolation very difficult. I would  ask that people would check in with their isolating or cocooning neighbours by ringing them or calling to them at a safe distance to see can you be of assistance in any way.  I wish to assure you all that I am remembering you all in my daily Masses and prayers. I remember all of you who are sick and finding life difficult at the moment.

Let us not forget the words of St. John Paul II “Do Not Be Afraid”. We journey this week with Jesus through his dark time of  his passion and death. We will celebrate with joy the glory of the Resurrection. We will come out of this dark time as well. Remember Jesus is always with us.  

Fr Kevin

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