New Year’s Message

Silver Jubilee Fr Kevin O'Regan PP

At this time of the year we look back at 2018 and we see the high and low points of the year. The presence of Pope Francis in our country in August for the conclusion of the World Meeting of Families was  a high point for many people. He addressed many of the difficult situations facing the Church in Ireland at the present time. Speaking to families in Croke Park on Saturday the 25th August Pope Francis said  “as families, you are the hope of the Church and of the world! God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, created mankind in his image and likeness to share in his love, to be a family of families, and to enjoy the peace that he alone can give. By your witness to the Gospel, you can help God’s dream to come true. You can help to draw all God’s children closer together, so that they can grow in unity and learn what it is for the entire world to live in peace as one great family.” These words of Pope Francis are a challenge to us as we face into a New Year in which there is so much worry about Brexit and other political situations here in Ireland or abroad. We just have to remind ourselves that we can bring about change in our lives, and by working together can transform our world. We just have to have courage. 

The New Year will bring joys and happiness into many lives while others will experience hardship and sorrow. We know that God will be there with us helping and supporting us no matter what we encounter during the year. 

I wish you all God’s blessing for the New Year and may it be a happy and peaceful year for you and all your family.    Fr Kevin                                                 

      Silver Jubilee Fr Kevin O'Regan PP


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