Easter Message from Fr Kevin & Fr Ben

2017-04-09 11.05.53

So many people are living with worry and anxiety. They do not know what the future holds for them. This isn’t just people living in situations of conflict and war. This applies even to people we know. The confidence that people had in the church and other bodies has been badly shaken if not shattered by ongoing scandal and fresh revelations.

People are searching for meaning and answers in their lives. Where will they find answers that will satisfy the deep needs that all of us have within us? How can we as christians help people find meaning in their lives?

The angel said to the women at the tomb “There is no need for you to be afraid”. We, like the women in the gospel, have to carry the message of the Risen Lord and spread it. The disciples’ sadness turned to joy when they heard the Good News of the Resurrection. We are the ones who offer a message of hope and joy to the world and bring joy to their lives. We can be afraid to do this. The words of the angel can be addressed to us as well. We need to overcome the obstacles and barriers in our lives and become messengers of hope and joy.

We don’t have answers or solutions to all problems that people face. We believe that we do not face these situations alone. The Risen Lord is with us and so we are people of hope and confidence. Let us share this hope, joy and confidence that Easter brings with those around us.

Fr Kevin & Fr Ben

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